Heather Wolpert-Gawron

PBL Secret Sauce #4: Tips for Collaboration

By on May 30, 2018

Research has shown that collaboration is one of the most effective strategies in student achievement. But to be really successful, a classroom needs to use collaboration techniques beyond the time period alotted for a any one project. It has to be a part of the classroom culture.  From there, collaboration can be used in research, in presentation, in culminating artifacts, in drafting/prototyping, etc…You can always find a way for students to work together.

Here is a 10-min How-to video on 9 different collaboration tips to use during any project. Use them during any PBL unit or to simply enhance the collaborative culture in your classroom. The video includes the following and more:

  1. The Collaboration Constitution (including lesson downloadable)
  2. Instructions for a student-created rubric
  3. Tips for fluid grouping by content area names
  4. Examples of color coded group work to assess students individually
  5. A collaborative research Google Form for curating and archiving
  6. Tips for a student-created collaborative Research Library
  7. An example of collaborative writing
  8. Advice on crowdsourcing feedback and peer review activities
  9. An example of a collaborative culminating public product



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