Heather Wolpert-Gawron


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DIY for Project Based Learning

for Math and Science

Routledge Publications, 2016

“With her DIY Project Based Learning books, Heather opens up her extensive toolkit and invites fellow teachers to take a look—and borrow liberally. It’s a generous move by a teacher who has worked hard to develop her own, deep understanding of PBL and to design projects that resonate with students.”

From the Foreword by Suzie Boss, Education Consultant and National Faculty Member for the Buck Institute for Education, Portland, Oregon

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DIY for Project Based Learning 

for ELA and History

Routledge Publications, 2015

Want to read an excerpt from this book?  Check out this link! 

“This book is worth your time. Heather Wolpert-Gawron’s conversational writing style and step-by-step guidance take you on a magical journey, energize you, and fill your head with new possibilities. These innovative teaching units, mix-and-match lessons, and ready-to-use tools provide a rich array of material to bring your classroom to life. Heather is a truly talented curriculum designer with a gift for inspiring and connecting with her readers.”

Anne Jolly, PLC Consultant with Learning Forward and author of STEM by Design(Routledge, 2016)

“When I think of exemplary student-centered teaching, Heather Wolpert-Gawron stands out as a master teacher. In this book, she uniquely and powerfully shares insightful examples and sample units to help others move from inspiration to application. Highly recommended!”

Cindy Johanson, Executive Director of Edutopia, George Lucas Educational Foundation


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Writing Behind Every Door: 

Teaching Common Core Writing in the Content Areas

Eye on Education, 2014

“Heather Wolpert-Gawron offers teachers across the curriculum techniques for making writing a natural product of student learning. Let her show you how to move from assigning and assessing writing to using writing as a tool to deepen students’ comprehension. Writing Behind Every Door presents an argument impossible to argue against.”

–Carol Jago, long-time English teacher in Santa Monica, California and past president of the National Council of Teachers of English

“Wow, I feel like a better writer and thinker, let alone teacher, when reading Writing Behind Every Door. Appropriate for teaching 4th grade through high school (and beyond), this will be the book I give to all subject teachers looking for compelling blueprints, practical strategies, and extensive resources for making writing the powerful teaching tool it is.”

–Rick Wormeli, education consultant, thought-leader, and bestselling author of books on instruction and assessment

“Heather not only offers fellow English language arts teachers a rich array of strategies and lessons for preparing their students to become college and career ready, but she reaches out to content area teachers with discipline-specific activities so that writing will truly be going on behind every classroom door. She has definitely provided teachers with innovative ways to meet and exceed the Common Core!”

–Carol Booth Olson, Associate Professor at the University of California at Irvine and Director of the UC Irvine Writing Project

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‘Tween Crayons and Curfews:

Tips for Middle School Teachers

Eye on Education, 2011

“From ideas for ways to rev up the Tween brain for learning…to strategies for enabling kids to look at, and reflect on, data so they know “who they are as learners,” ‘Tween Crayons and Curfews is a teacher handbook for teaching middle school. It was somewhere around the brain chapter (“Tips for Teaching Tweens about Their Brains and How They Learn”) that I realized a teacher could surely pick up this book and open anywhere and begin reading. It’s a manual, a guide for teaching, and each page holds secrets to mastering the arts of teaching Tweens!”

Cindi Rigsbee, National Board Certified Teacher and North Carolina Teacher of the Year in 2009, author of Finding Mrs. Warnecke: The Difference Teachers Make



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The Best Lesson Series: Literature/15 Master Teachers Share What Works

by Brian Sztabnik

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Helping English Learners to Write

by Carol Booth Olson, Robin C. Scarcella, and Tina Matuchiak

Teachers College Press

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The Reading/Writing Connection

 by Carol Booth-Olson


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Implementing Project-Based Learning

by Suzie Boss

Solution Tree

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Nonfiction Reading Comprehension for the Common Core

(Series) Grades 1-7

Teacher Created Resources, 2014



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Project Based Writing

(Series) Grades 3-8

Teacher Created Resources, 2014


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Internet Literacy

(Series) Grades 3-8

Teacher Created Resources, 2010