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cue conference

By on February 4, 2008

CUE Conference

March 6-8, 2008
Palm Springs


I will be presenting at CUE this year.  My seminar is called “Podcasting with 50 Middle Schoolers – Are You Crazy?!” Six years ago I went to CUE for the first time on the lower tier of the tech savvy ladder.  There, I was inspired.  
I took what I learned there, left with the fairy dust of “What-if?” and created Bulldog Radio, a student-created, written, performed, edited, produced, published, and publicized radio network.  I say network because the students, in fact, produce 3 different shows: The Daily Bulldog with School News, Globetrotting World News, and Teen Talk.  
CUE is one of those conferences that re-charges your batteries.  Come and see some of the most innovative teaching around.  Even if you are a person who can’t change a battery and still has a beeper who thinks this whole cell phone thing will all die down, even if you still love the ole’ slate and chalk system, the CUE conference surrounds you with people looking to engage students and achieve standards.  You meet teachers of every subject, from every grade level, from every school model, and all they talk about is how to make education better through communication.  
I mention this because getting your butt out of the classroom for conferences and other professional development is not on many teachers’ list of “Cool Things to Do.”  But some of them are really worth it.  It’s worth it to get the sub, create sub plans, go to the conference, come back to find nothing was done, and re-teach the plans.  CUE is worth it.  
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