Heather Wolpert-Gawron

When it works, it’s amazing!

By on October 3, 2008

I’m referring, of course, to my new Interactive Whiteboard. I think I’m going to name my second child Promethean.

I’ve already learned to color. I’ve learned to build up my reference library. I’ve highlighted. I’ve graphed. I’ve mapped. I’ve illustrated. I’ve saved. I’ve circled. I’ve squared. I’ve color-coded. I’ve flipped. I’ve rotated.  I’ve pressed. I’ve shuffled.  I’ve clicked. I’ve taught.  I’ve been taught.  I’ve converted.  I’ve reformatted.

I’ve developed lessons for Evidence vs. Commentary on Lit. Analysis and Persuasive essays. I’ve developed lessons on proper bibliography formatting for cross-curricular essays.  I’ve adapted dual-entry journals. I’ve integrated lessons enhancing my literature curriculum and my writing curriculum.  I’ve used flipcharts to overlay on top of my previously created powerpoints.  I’ve used the Tickertape to highlight important words, to illustrate key phrases, and to shout out reminders.  I’ve used the clock to count down and up.  I’ve developed Grammar lessons using Golden Lines.  I’ve created flipcharts of “The Great Rat Hunt” and “The Ransom of Red Chief.”

…Oh yeah, the district scheduled my training for Monday, Oct. 6th. 



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