Heather Wolpert-Gawron

Is Cursive Really a 21st Century Skill or is it History?

By on January 5, 2009

Look, we all agree, that our job is to prepare our students for their future by teaching 21st Century skills, right?  Well, then why is cursive even a continuing debate?  

We can no longer afford to spend time on classes whose most valuable contribution is that they are traditional.  How can we be debating the necessity of more time devoted to greater wide-spread technology use and internet literacy, and still be spending time teaching the antiquated subject of cursive?

We see headlines about music programs cut, PE programs cut, standards struggling to be met with the time allotted, and yet, there’s still a debate about teaching cursive?

Look, my husband took cursive for five years and I still can’t read his notes on the fridge.  On the other hand, when we lived in separate cities, we wooed through yahoo.

If Evelyn Waugh were alive today, he would not be picking up a pen to “correspond.”  He would get a Twitter account.

Practicing cursive does not a good writer make.  But it does take time from other forms of necessary learning. 


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