Heather Wolpert-Gawron

Tweenteacher Book Title Contest

By on July 9, 2010

Hey readers!

I am hoping that the power of social media can help a gal out.  I’m in the need of a catchy title for my new book that is due out in early 2011.  The working title is Tips for Tweenteachers, but it just doesn’t light my fire, nor has is resonated with early reviewers.  It reflects what the book is about, but not my voice.

So here’s the deal.  If you can help out and come up with a title that my publisher selects, he will send you a free copy of my book when it’s published as well as two more titles of your choice from the Eye On Education library.

So what do have to lose?  I could use the help, since my wall already has a head-sized hole in it from where I’ve been banging my noggin for the last few months trying to solve this problem.

Just leave any suggestions here, and I’ll get back to you if your title is selected.  Thanks so much for your help!


Heather Wolpert-Gawron

aka Tweenteacher

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