Heather Wolpert-Gawron

Workshops & Speeches


“Loved the presenter’s enthusiasm and pure joy she displayed for her students as well as her teaching.” 

“Great idea for those tweens! I will definitely use some of the strategies in my 6th grade class!”

“Great, pragmatic presenter with a rapid pace! She knows her stuff.”

“Wow- this one tied for my top favorite session!”

“I am walking away with so many new resources to explore on my own and with my students! I absolutely loved this session! I am a new teacher librarian and this is exactly what I need right now. I loved the resources, the ideas, the presenter–great, great stuff! I love how this presenter creates interactive student lessons on copyright laws. This presenter knows so much on the topic that it was hard to pack in everything in one hour! I learned a lot and I definitely have a few things to research on my own / pursue with my own students… Love the superhero stuff.”

“One of the best sessions ever!!!!”

“Very energetic & entertains speaker. Great content! One of the best sessions ever!!!!”

“Heather’s enthusiasm and high energy were an added bonus to session’s very useful content.”


Need a keynote speaker for your event? Contact Heather for topics and summaries, or let her know the focus you need for your staff, district, or organization.

Need a workshop trainer? Heather has a series of topics that she can share with your staff. She can also customize any training based on your needs. From 1/2 day trainings to multiple-day workshops, Heather can share strategies to implement not just someday but Monday. Here are just some of the trainings available:


Design Thinking and the Arts
Online Ethics, Copyright, and Reliable Research
Make Writing: Leveraging 3D Printing and Making to Teach Literacy and Writing
Every School Has a Story: Crafting Your School’s Narrative
LTELLs and Hands On Learning
Just Ask Us: Students Speak Out on Engagement 
Project Based Learning (Day-to-Day Implementation)
The Superhero PBL Unit
The Paperless Classroom 
Internet Literacy and the Digital Reading Genre
The Power of The Backchannel (aka Twitter)
Pausing the Mental Tickertape: Evidence vs. Commentary
The 21st Century Classroom
Beyond the Bubble
Writing with Numeracy and Developing Infographics
Informational Writing in Project Based Learning


For more information on any of these sessions or if you have any other questions, contact Heather at…