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Curriculum Coming Soon

By on February 18, 2008

The following samples of original units will be coming soon to tweenteacher.com:
  • “Meanwhile…,” an integrated comparative History Unit that spans approximately 2 weeks of CORE lessons.  Meanwhile focuses on and uses strategies that employ many of Howard Gardner’s categories of multiple-intelligences, while also stressing Character Education.
  • A list of historical fiction books that correspond to the California History 6-8 standards (This volume was complied with the help of Kenna McRae, a remarkable 7th grade Language Arts teacher with a masters in Education at Stanford University and a background in Special Ed and AVID.  Kenna is a passionate advocate of classroom libraries and their importance in developing an environment of reading.)
  • Step-by-step lessons on how to develop a student-created, illuminated-letter glossary for  the classroom as a means to integrate Art into any subject or curriculum unit.
  • An integrated Response to Literature writing unit (in accordance to the 7th grade California standards)
  • An integrated Persuasive Writing unit (in accordance to the 7th grade California standards)
  • How to set up a Test Prep interactive binder in the classroom for student use throughout the year
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