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Building Confidence as Test Prep: Part II

By on May 7, 2008


I wanted to share an activity I did the day before testing this year. I had the students do a Quickwrite into their Writer’s Journals.  The sentence stem began as follows:

“I am going to kick the CST’s butt.  I am so ready!  I will…”

Then they were to write a paragraph or so finishing the thought using sensory details and concrete description.  The students then picked Golden Lines from their pieces.  The definition of a Golden Line for this activity, however, was not just a line that they were proud of but one that might serve to encourage others.  Then then shared their line with the class and finalized it onto a flash card that they then taped to their desks.  Since the students during testing week are mixed up alphabetically, I get a different group of kids then my normal students sitting at the desks.  

On the day of testing, before we began, I encouraged the nervous testers to read their desks.  Some were serious, some were funny.  All were supportive of everything we’ve all learned this year.  Here are some Golden Lines:


“I will take the test as if the answers were second nature.” – Brain

“I will use m mighty testing skills to overcome the whole packet.” – Jennifer

“I shall enter school ready and prepared like a cowboy in a showdown.” – Tony

“I will shove my pie of knowledge in the CST’s face.” – Raymond

“You can throw bullets and knives with your hard questions, but I shall dodge and shine through with triumph.” – Alejandra

“I will show that CST punk to not challenge me of my unlimited knowledge because it is pointless!  I will pass!” – Vincent

“Failing is not an option, and passing is my way to success.” – Kitty

“I’m going to get such a high score that the people who made the etst are going to cry about how they failed to make it harder.” – Karl

“You can test me in all you want, but I will conquer and defeat you.” – Iluhi

“Fear is the only thing that is feeding the CSTs’ power over the students.” – Nathan



Such great kids.  

Hope this testing season finds you well.




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