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iPhone App Review: LendMe

By on July 3, 2009

My husband actually found this app for me as a means to get me salivating for the iPhone G3.  He’s been pulling for it for awhile and trying to convince us to switch our plans to make it happen, so for a couple of months there, my husband has been courting me with educational apps.  lendme

LendMe is an app that allows a classroom teacher to lend out books from the classroom library.  It’s simple: take a picture of the book; take a picture of the kid.  It records the date that the book was borrowed, the title and the name of the kid you lent it to.  The picture of the student is generally enough, and I don’t have to type in the name, but, as I’ve written earlier in my post, “The New Definition of Veteran Teacher,” another way to help put face to names isn’t such a bad idea.

Of course, now that I have the iPhone I wonder what the heck I was balking at.  I’ve never been so hyped for any piece of technology.  It even makes AT&T’s frequently dropped calls worth it.  Make of that as you will.

I will continue to review educational apps as I build up my own iPhone library.  In the meantime, I would love to know what you are all using as well.  

Hope your summer is going well.


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