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Tweenteacher at Edutopia and The Huffington Post

By on November 5, 2010

I have two new posts up this week to tell you about, each very different in their own ways.

The first can be read at Edutopia and is called “My Love Affair with TED (.com).  It’s about the miracle of the   democratization of ideas.  Are you a teacher looking for some great links that grant your class access to some of the greatest minds of our time?  This post can lead you in the right directions.

The next post I want to mention today is my second post to go live at The Huffington Post.  This one questions the methods of policy makers to bash teachers as a means to lure new teachers into the profession.  Is this really the best way to go about it?  See, I think that by promoting what’s magnificent about teaching, we’ll be better off not only pulling great candidates into the classrooms but also reminding those of us already there why we are the quality of teacher this country needs.  I share a little about what I love about teaching and ask you why you love it enough to risk ducking the bullets of disrespect.

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