Heather Wolpert-Gawron

Middle School Classroom Management Tip: Collaboration and Fluid Grouping Trick

By on September 1, 2012

Here’s a little fluid grouping trick I’ve written about in the past.  I thought it might be fun to just record something to make it a little more tangible.  The basic thought is that you can insert a little content into how you group your desks, and in so doing, create different small groups with each combination of terms.

See my video here:

So whatever your content area is, name your desks, then go to town creating a more solid classroom community.

Oh, yeah.  And remember not to put the names on pieces of tape.  The kids will fret and curl the ends and doodle on the blank spaces until you can’t see the terms anymore.  I find that a Sharpie works.  Don’t worry.  The miraculous glory that is the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser will take care of the ink when you want to remove the names.  Every teacher needs a stock of those.

Good luck in your classroom collaboration efforts!

Heather (aka Tweenteacher)



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