Heather Wolpert-Gawron

Past, Present, Future: Assessments and Technology

By on April 2, 2016

“Grading, in kids’ brains, parents’ brains, administrators’ brains, and even teachers’ brains, is a final snapshot after which there is no beyond.  But if we can start thinking about assessments as a means to drive feedback, NOW you’re on to something.”

Recently I recorded a segment for a friend of mine who teaches a blended graduate-level class called, “Technology Facilitated Assessment.”  I had a blast answering questions reflecting on how I assessed students in 2006, how I assess them now, and where I predict assessments will be in the future.

The whole segment for the students is a little over 18 min in length, but if you’re looking for skim through it for some tidbits, here’s an informal breakdown of the piece.


National Writing Project’s influence on assessments – 4:00

How PBL influences assessment – 5:40

Tech Tools for Alternative Assessment – 7:20

Future of Assessments and the Maker Movement – 11:15

Gamification and Assessment – 15:40






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